Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I've lost contact with a lot of people that I've been friends with, you know, they moved or I moved or something happened & now I sometimes wonder where they ended up, you know? Like Grant, who wanted to be a realtor. I know where his ex-wife is, but have no idea about him. Then there was his friend Mark (I think that was his name) that we unintentionally humiliated out of our group. Where is he? Is he happy? We moved away from Colorado 14 years ago & left quite a few friends behind, like Chuck. He left after we did and no one knows where he is, now. Is he still alive? Where's Ken Kirkmeier? And Don Divelbiss? Where did you guys go? We miss you! I know Troy often wonders what happened to John & why he stopped talking to him. I wonder if they ever think of us?

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