Saturday, July 28, 2007

Irrational Fears

Do any of you have irrational fears? I have a few, and even though I know that they're irrational, I still have them & haven't ever been able to shake them, either. What are mine?

1. The telephone. I HATE and FEAR calling people. Sometimes even the people I know & trust with my life, but usually just strangers, or businesses. I do somewhat better if people call me, but it depends on the person. One of my best friends in the world & I can't talk on the phone together, its all weird & awkward for some reason, but we have no problems talking in person, through email on on IM.

2. Receptionists in Doctor's offices. I usually go to the doctor or dentist with Troy & he almost always goes to the reception desks for me and checks me in. I always feel like they're judging me, talking about me & laughing behind my back, for some reason. This is one of the few things left from the almost-crippling shyness I suffered from in my younger years.

3. Stinging things like wasps, bees & hornets. I am nearly paralyzed with fear if one of them is anywhere near me & have to fight the urge to flee the entire time they are withing about 30 feet of me. I watch them constantly & know where they are at all times. If I lose track of them, I start to "feel" them crawling on me. I haven't been stung since I was 9.

I think that's all of them that I can really call irrational. What about you?

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