Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hard-Working Friends

One of my friends, Vicki, is also one of the partners in my booth. Quite frankly, she amazes me. She works full-time as a CNA on the Maternity ward at our local hospital, goes to school full-time, is a mother of two kids (5 & 2 years old) and still manages to walk every day, make beautiful chainmail jewelry, have a social life and help out at her mom's grooming shop and volunteer at her dad's wildlife center. I know that right now, between their new car & her student loans they're in a lot of debt, but I think she mentioned getting a school loan consolidation when she finishes school, which will help. She and her husband work so hard & are both sure good parents and awesome friends, its really an honor to be a part of their lives & I'm happy that we got to know them better over the years.

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