Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cool Freebies

Our friends, Ken & Lynette, own a salvage yard, which is where we went to have him check the car out. I really like spending time in the main office, its all done in black & white checks and red accents. It really reminds me of the 50s somehow in there. I usually spend my time in there visiting with Lynette & her assistant Colleen, while we wait for the guys to do their thing, and today was no different. I had some M&Ms that came in a box with some part they ordered, and some Mike & Ike's from the machine and grabbed a couple of really cool personalized pens in two different styles, because I really like the ones they get & they work so well. Its not an ideal way to spend an afternoon, but its better than some, at least I was out of the heat.

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