Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pain in the Butt

Wow, I was gonna come in & post just kind of randomly about my day, then I couldn't even log in to Blogger, so I had to go the back way in, through google.. it was really a pain in the butt. It took me 5 minutes to get in here. Very aggravating.

Anyway. I went this morning to pick up Dawn & Jason so we could go to a bake sale to benefit a friend of ours who had been hit by a deer while he was riding his motorcycle & has huge hospital bills now, but... there was no bake sale where we'd been told to go. So, we wandered around the store, shopping for stuff for dinner tonight & then went to Papa Murphy's so they could pick up their lunch, and I dropped them off & came home.

I fixed myself a couple of very low fat burritos and started eating when Rhi texted me to tell me she was on break & starving, so I finished eating & drove to Taco Bell & bought her some food. I sat & visited with her while she ate, then I came back home.

My dishes are done, I have spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove, when everything is done & Troy gets home, I'm taking it to Dawn's house, and we're all (Dawn, Jason, Ryan, Nate, Charley, Vicki, Me, Troy & all the kids) going to have that and Vicki's manicotti, salad & garlic bread. I'll be having the spaghetti & salad, but I imagine everyone else will have a bit of everything. It should be a nice evening. hanging out with friends always rocks!

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