Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Faire Down.

Well. Faire this year was different. Our entertainment was awesome, we had huge amounts of vendors, and attendence seemed to be at an all-time low. Which was really sad. We aren't sure why, it was ungodly hot & humid, but it usually is - its the middle of July after all - we were surrounded by wild fires and the interstate was closed in places, but none of these really explain anything. Maybe people are just tired of it. We had a lot of other things going on, and a few stresses, but we pulled through it ok in the end.

Morgan & her boyfriend broke up at the end of it, because he didn't like how she acted at Faire & who she became afterwards, but they managed to talk it out & agreed to try to work on things. Erin got kicked off the park one day, well, not kicked off, he chose to leave, because he was wearing an offensive saying on his shirt. He & Alisha also broke up, but neither of them is sure they actually have. Its very weird.

Rhi is buying a car from Mark & Sarah, I think its a 92 Toyota Camry, it may be a 96, I'm not sure. She's very excited about it, though. It needs a new clutch & wiper arms, but I think we can manage that. Hopefully, she'll let us sell her scooter after she gets it, so we have one less worry.

I'm still exhausted from not getting much sleep for a week, but I'm gradually recovering. I hope. Every year it takes me longer to get back to normal. So far, its day 4 & I'm still just wantign to sleep.

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