Thursday, July 19, 2007

Car Buying Woes

So Rhi did finally get her paycheck yesterday and we went to put a down payment on her car as soon as we cashed it. Mark, the friend she was buying it from couldn't find the keys, so we left it there & decided that we'd go back for it in the morning & take it to our other friend the mechanic to see what needed to be done to it.

We did that this morning and found out the whole clutch has to be replaced, which would cost Rhi another $400, which she definitely doesn't have. No any time soon, at any rate. So, we took it back & got her money back for her, then Mark tells us that they'll take it to another riend and see what he'll charge to fix it and then probably try selling it to Rhi, then. I tell you, with the hair I'm ripping out in frustration, I'm gonna need a hair transplant Florida fast!

I'm really hoping we'll get it all figured out pretty soon, because its really upsetting to Rhi, she was super excited about getting a car of her own and now she's really bummed out about it.

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