Monday, July 23, 2007


Judging from our weather forecast for the next week, our monsoons have come right on time. Its so nice to see the highs in the 80s and not the 90s or over 100. I love the rain, and storms.

Rhi & I had a sad thing happen last night, though. We had dropped her best friend, Wade at his house & were coming back home, taking the long way, because it gives us a chance to visit and such. We came down 200 North & there was a dog who had been hit, still lying out in the road.

Rhi asked if we could please stop, so she could move the dog off the road, so it wouldn't get hit again. So, I stopped & she ran back to the dog, I was watching her in my rearview mirror & she kept looking up at me, so I knew the dog was still alive & she was trying to get my attention, so I turned off the car and went back there, too. The poor dog had been hit head one & she was bleeding out of one of her eyes. She looked so sad, and so alone. There was no hope for her, so all we could do was be there with her, stroking and loving her until the end. She was wearing a collar, so I'm assuming she was in her yard until the thunder started and that it scared her & she ran off, trying to get away from it. Right into a car. I'm still so angry at the person who hit her, for not stopping, for not caring, and at her owners, for probably knowing she was afraid of storms and not bringing her inside when it started. After she died, Rhi moved her over to the gutter, curling her inward so she wouldn't get hit again. I hope her owners found her, she had such sweet eyes, even though they were full of pain & she never tried to bite us, even though I know she was hurting and scared. I hope they cry at least half as much as I have, especially since I'm crying right now & she wasn't even my dog.

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