Monday, March 05, 2007

When Did She Grow Up?

Rhi had her Girls' Preference Ball on Saturday night & quite frankly, she looked gorgeous. Her boyfriend, Will, looked handsome & happy to be with her & she just sparkled. This was the first time she went to a real dance (formal-type) with a boy she really cares for. She was really excited to go & super nervous, too. She came home at about 12:30am, still looking beautiful & told me that it was "probably the best night in her life." I'm so happy that she's able to smile again, those months that she doubted & hated herself were so hard on her.

This week is SEOP week, so she gets out of school early every day. Thursday we have our conference, which at this time of year, is to schedule the next year. I can't believe this is the last time we'll do this & that this time next year, we'll be planning for graduation. Where did all of the time go? When she she get to be so.. grown?

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