Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weekend Again

We had a typically busy Friday. We got up, took Rhi to school, came home, I took care of the bills and such & then drove Erin to work & we went grocery shopping. After we were done with that & had just finished putting them away, Dawn called & said Jason wanted to go to lunch, so we went & picked her & Morgan up & met Jason at Wingers. We had lunch, visited, took our time and enjoyed each others' company and then went & paid our rent. I picked Rhi up after school, dropped her friend Ryan off at his house, took her to get her final paycheck, we cashed it & payed off 2/3 of her fine. Then it was Walm@rt time, because Rhi has a formal dance tonight & had no shoes. She also needed other things. So we looked at shoes, she didn't find any she liked, so we went to P@yless & there were even fewer there, so we got into an argument & came home.

She took off to go to some stuff with William & her friends, we took off to our friends' and played Dead Lands. I took her again this morning to look at shoes & she found some she liked, and we grabbed the other stuff she needed too. She's really excited about the dance tonight, and I can't wait to see them all dressed up :)

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