Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun Friday

We have what seems like a very busy Spring coming up in the next few weeks/months. Last night, we had a bachelorette for a couple of our friends who are getting married April 28. They're sisters and having a double ceremony that Troy & I are presiding over. One of them, Sarah, is marrying our friend Mark, whom we've known since he was 16 or 17. The party was one of those adult "toy" parties & we had so much fun! There were so many laughs, and things that happen only when you get a bunch of crazy women together, give them a few drinks & risque things to talk about or do.

When we were all done there (and trust me it was almost midnight at that point), we went up to Dawn's house & read the ceremony to see if there was anything we wanted to change or didn't "approve of" (in my opinion not our place, its not our wedding) and to taste the honey mead we'll have during the ceremony and visit awhile. Its a really touching ceremony & there will be places where I'm trying hard not to cry because these four "kids" each mean so much to me in their own way. I'm excited about the wedding & nervous about it, too.. because I'm so not good in front of crowds & I don't want to screw this up, but I'll have my honey at my side to give me support.

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