Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The search for Rhi's prom dress continues. She's given me style she's interested in, and some colors she likes & so I'm looking on eBay everyday. I find a lot of dresses that, to me, aren't really "prom" dresses, they'd be great for clubbing - if Rhi was 23 - or a party dress, but not really in the "formal" category. I imagine there are places where prom isn't a formal occasion, but none that I've lived in. At any rate, I'm not having a lot of luck & I'm too cheap to go to the local stores & shell out 2-300 for a dress she'll wear once, you know?

I remember when my mom bought my prom dress for *my* Junior prom (I went to prom my freshman & sophomore years, as a date), she was stressing out over having spent $80 and made me lie to my dad about how much it was. Shoot, I spent $89 on Rhi's homecoming dress & she didn't even get to wear it until this past weekend. My mom would've had a come-apart if she had spent that much on a dress for a dance I didn't go to. And yeah. I was mad. But not about the money. Anyhow, gotta go wash some dishes, start dinner & watch AI, I'm running out of time.....

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