Saturday, March 17, 2007

Power Place

Where is your place of power? (pics, 7 possible answers)

Desert.Your place of power is the desert. You are likely attracted to those from far away places, and objects made of stone, wood, and shell. "Desert people" tend to be very quiet and introspective types, but very wise and intuitive. They are hard to get to know and open up to very few. But the people they do open up to are very blessed, for they are filled with knowledge and insight beyond their imagination.Power Colors: Orange, Tan, MaroonPower Animals: Camel, Hyena, CoyotePower Stones: Sandstone, Sunstone, SoapstonePower Scent: CloveMusic to Meditate to: Middle Eastern Trance MusicNever Leave Home Without: A bag for treasures you find while you're out.
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