Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Apparently, Rhi believes that she has a right to drive my car any time she wants to. She got really mad at me this morning because she couldn't drive to school today. Troy worked today, so that would have left me with no transportation, which would have meant that Erin had no way to work. I'm also a tad bit paranoid, because I've been called one too many times, by people Troy works with, telling me he's in the ER & have had no way to get there. She apologized later, but then, a little while ago, when she wanted to go to Will's house, she didn't even ASK if she could go, let alone if she could use my car. THEN she got pissed at me again because the time she wanted to come home was unacceptable, due to it being too late for me to give Erin a ride. I'm done. I'm seriously considering dropping her from the insurance & making her take her scooter.

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