Saturday, December 02, 2006

*shiver* I've been so cold all day. We had to help my parents move my grandma out of her assisted living facility & into their house. They raised her monthly rent to $2500, so of course she couldn't afford that. I'm hoping this won't make mom as upset as it didt he last time, but grandma is doing a lot better this time around.

I got a new bed out of the deal, my grandparents' cherry wood four-poster. I've wanted this bed since I was a little girl. Its so pretty & I love it!

In other news, my cell phone is slowly killing itself. Earlier my front screen starting going out, now its gone. My inner screen is going out now. I tried to convince Troy that we needed to buy insurance on our phones, but he wouldn't do it, so now I'm screwed. :(

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Janet said...

I hate that nursing homes charge so much! And for what? Don't get me started...grrrrr