Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snow. Blows.

There's between 15-20" on the ground at the moment & its still falling very lightly. We got the car dug out & drove the XTerra out to have breakfast with Dawn, Jason & Davy at IHoP. I didn't have breakfast, I had a burger, but same difference, really. Its very icy out there & I was thankful for our 4-wheel drive.

Erin didn't go to California and I'm pretty sure the two of them aren't going at all. Not right now, at any rate. Rhi is out playing in the snow with Sean & his friend Scott, until she has to get ready for work. Erin is at his friend Jordan's house, who knows what they're doing, but at least he's out of the house & not asleep.

Troy's playing a game that Ryan got him for Christmas (he got me an awesome Guinness beanie!), or the one Erin got him. Tiny is drying off from her last romp in the snow. And me? I'm lusting after boots & shoes on & working on my 101 in 1001 list and thinking about fixing a cup of tea.

I need to be cleaning the living room, but I'm not.

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