Sunday, December 17, 2006

Its snowing!!! We have about 6-7" on the ground right now & its still falling. We had plenty of warning that it was coming & I have zero plans to go anywhere today. My car isn't great in the snow or on slick roads like the XTerra is (Troy has that at work today).

I didn't get to stay home yesterday, I forgot the scarf I was working on at Dawn's house Friday night & had to go get that. When I got there, Dawn was at home, so I took her to finish her Christmas shopping and she took me out to lunch.

After I came home, I cooked dinner for Troy & Erin, then Rhi came home & ate too, then we took her back to Caela's house & dropped back by Dawn's to pick up some money that Roger & Morgan owed us, then we came home & relaxed awhile.

Today, I'm going to try to get some cleaning done, if my head stops hurting & I start feeling a little better (I think I have another cold) and THEN work on the scarf some more. Its a good day for staying in & getting things done.

My Mood: Blah
My Weather: Snowy &

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