Monday, December 11, 2006

You know its not going to be a good day when you find out that you forgot to unplug the curling iron the night before. By stepping on it with a bare foot. Four of the toes on my right foot are blistered & hurting today, and no, it hasn't been a particularly great day, either. Apparently Rhi is in a bad mood or has decided that, once again, she hates me. Either way, it really hurts my feelings when she treats me badly, especially after seeming to want my company all weekend long.

Oh well. Maybe I can make it to the post office tomorrow. I tried today, but was crying after dropping her off at work & thought it was probably a bad idea to in that condition.


It snowed yesterday & well into the night, but we didn't get a lot of accumulation, thankfully. It did make the roads very slick last night & this morning. By afternoon the roads were dry & the sky was clear.

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Janet said...

I'm sorry...I can't imagine how that feels!