Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The cookies are all done, we ended up with Raisin Spice, Funfetti, Strawberry Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Cherry Chip. After I take Rhi to work this afternoon, I plan to start all of the various barks I'm making. Thursday, I do the marshmallows & pretzels, since I need them Saturday night & want them to be as fresh as possible.

I'm having a change of heart over the neck warmer I'm making.. the yarn just isn't chunky enough & it doesn't look very warm, so I may finish it, send it along, but make one that's more functional, too.

Anyway, its still very cold, but not snowing, at least. Troy's working an 8-hour shift today. I have a horrible headache & just want to sleep.

Rhi had a Christmas dinner at work last night & even got a couple of gifts - a Cushie pillow & a beautiful calendar. I think that was pretty cool & she totally wasn't expecting it.

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