Sunday, October 22, 2006

Today's picture (the one I posted earlier was actually for yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me post) is Tiny & Kaji, when Kaji was much smaller. I think it was the day we brought him home in May. They've pretty much been best buddies ever since.

They're so funny together & Tiny puts up with so much from that cat. He grabs a hold of her muzzle & hangs there, all Tiny does is to slowly get lower until she's lying down. He's constantly picking at her to play, even when she's asleep. It can be pretty funny to watch.

Rhi never made it to the movies with her crush the other night, he ended up not having as much money as he thought he was going to. (I guess to him, it wasn't a "date" because he "doesn't date," but when a guy asks you to a movie & pays for it, to me that's a date) They are planning to try it again this afternoon at the matinee. He does know that she likes him & has been asking her things like "What is it about me that you like?" and "What don't you like?" so it sounds like, to me, that he's interested in her. I know he went through a bad breakup & he may just be afraid of getting hurt again. Who really knows with guys?

My head is killing me today, but so far, I've been far too lazy to actually leave this part of the house & get some ibuprofen to take. I have also been too lazy to get dressed. I had a fairly rough night, the power went off at 2:30am & thankfully, Rhi woke us up so Troy could set his alarm on his phone. I had a hard time getting back to sleep because it was too dark & too quiet. Then the power came back on at 5:30.. I dreamed it right before it happened & dreamed I looked at the clock & it said 5:34 - then the power came back, I looked at the clock & it said 5:34.. then I couldn't get back to sleep because it was loud again, with the fan & the radio. I finally got back to sleep just in time for Troy's phone alarm to go off & scare me half to death, followed 10 minutes later by the actual alarm clock. By 8:30 my body was hurting & my head was aching, so it was time to get up. So I'm still tired & somewhat grumpy.

I don't really have much planned today. If I can get this headache to stop, I'll probably straighten up the living room & hopefully vacuum. Rhi is supposed to do the dishes for movie money, so we'll see if she gets up in time to do that before movie time.

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