Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The sky is blue & clear today & the air is bitterly cold, or at least it was when I took Rhi to school this morning. There was too much black ice on the roads for her to ride her scooter safely, so we'll wait another day.

I've decided to try to post a new picture every day when I make my first blog post. Today's picture is one of Rhi that she took herself sometime last week. I know it was before Friday, because she dyed her hair brownish black that day. I like this picture, because it captures the serious side that she shows to the world so often, without the scowl she shows them too often. She didn't care for it & chose one with a smile for whatever purpose she was actually taking the picture for.

I'm still not feeling great, although I managed to sleep most of the night last night & don't feel quite so wiped out today. Yesterday, the bed seemed to be calling my name all day long & it was all I could do to stay out of it. My head still hurts, I'm still stuffed up & even though my fever broke at some point during the night, I know I'm not done with it. I hope I feel better by tomorrow night, since we have football games to go to then & Friday night.

I finally finished knitting the scarf I started last winter/spring the other night. It wasn't that it took me all of those months to do it, but more that I put my knitting away for the summer because I was working on other things. I started Rhi's scarf & have been working on it every day because she really needs all of the warmth she can get while riding her scooter. Its going to be very pretty, its a spring green homespun yarn that I'm doing in a thick ribbing pattern. I kind of screwed up the first 6-8 rows, but I was too lazy to frog it & start over & she doesn't care anyway. I need to learn to use my circular needles & start making stuff for Morgan's baby.

Today, I'm going to try to get my dishes done & then I think I'm just gonna take it easy, since I know that my body needs the rest so that I can get better. I'm gonna let Troy cook tonight & try to finish the book I'm reading (The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice) so I can start the next. Yeah, exciting stuff happening here.

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