Friday, October 27, 2006

Today's picture is Erin, from his Sophomore year, I believe. All I know is that I really miss this Erin. He was a much nicer person than the version that's walking around these days. I wish I knew what happened & how. I wish I knew a way to get him back. It makes me very sad.


We got the grocery shopping done, gas for my car bought, all that's left to do is to gas Troy's XTerra up. I still have no clue what my costume for tomorrow night is gonna be. I do know what I'm cooking for the food contest though & bought everything I need to fix it. Rhi texted me while we were getting ready to go to the store & said she needed some sort of cold medicine & I bought her some & had to leave Troy at the store while I took it to her, since the only time she could really meet me was during her lunch period. I hope she's feeling a little better now.

Her boyfriend snuck up on me while I was texting her in the store to tease me & say I wasn't allowed to text & shouldn't be texting Rhi in the middle of class - I told him she texted me first & he laughed & said, "Yeah, she texted me too." (this probably came about because earlier in the week we had to have her tell him to cut back on the texting because we had a limited about every month to share between all of us & now Rhi has unlimited)

I think I'll play Guild Wars for a little while before I have to leave again, then I'll get Rhi & come back, shower, figure out dinner & then we'll go game with our friends.

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