Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's picture is from a Halloween party we had a few years ago (we hve one every year) & these were the white chocolate suckers I made. It was the first time I'd ever made anything like that (and probably the last, too). I really haven't done anything remotely Halloween related yet this year. The house is undecorated. The porch is bare. No pumpkins have been bought. I haven't even decided what to wear for our party. Usually Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but not this year, I guess.

The date with the crush didn't happen. It likely won't happen at all, now. Apparently, the night after he asked her again, a girl from his past called him & he thinks she may be getting ready to ask him out tomorrow. So, the movie was off. I think Rhi was a little hurt & angry about it, but what can you do? She didn't let it get her down for very long, thankfully.

I didn't do much of anything yesterday. I played on the 'net awhile & took a nap & read. Cooked dinner, watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition & Dexter & was pretty much finished for the day at that point. I'm not a very exciting person on days when Troy's at work & Rhi's gone apparently.

Rhi woke up sick today. Poor kid is running a fever, has head & body aches & is slightly nauseated. She really hates being sick, mostly because she hates missing school. Today there is no school, so I imagine she's hoping to feel better tomorrow.

Well, I think I'll finally make my bed, do the dishes from last night & either watch a movie or do some reading.

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