Friday, October 20, 2006

Today's picture is Rhi & her best friend, Wade at school yesterday. She looks so beautiful in this picture & so different from the way she has looked over the past month. Its so nice to see her happy & smiling again. The new hairstyle is awesome, too.

She was asked out to a movie tonight (the midnight show) by the new crush, so we'll see if that happens or not. She has a great attitude about it, too. She told me this morning "Hey if it doesn't work out, that's ok, there are other boys who like me, too."

We went to the Freshman & Junior Varsity games last night. The poor Freshman team never even scored, and I'm not sure if the JV ever managed to, we left before it was over, but they were, at least, playing a pretty good game. We were all getting cold & Rhi was bored. (unusual, but Wade had just left, so that was probably why)

Tonight, the Varsity play. It should be a good game, or at least, we're hoping that CVHS puts up a fight & at least scores. We may or may not go over to our friends' house for awhile afterwards (we'll have to take Rhi home first), it depends on how tired & cold we are, since Troy works Saturday morning.

In a little while, Troy & I are heading out to play AirSoft with Erin & his friends. I think I'll probably stay in the car & read, though, since I'm not feeling great today & have really bad cramps on top of that. I may end up playing for a bit, though, who knows?

I guess that's about everything. Troy had a "discussion" with Erin last night about whether he was finding a job & what he planned to do if they lost their apartment and all of that. I guess he plans to move back in here, either with or without Alisha. He was told under no uncertain terms that if he was living here he is paying rent, since he isn't going to college & that's always been the rule. Anyway. Time to go.

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Pam said...

That is a really nice picture of Rhi. She looks great! I hope everything with her new friend works out! Hope you feel better soon!