Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today's picture is the blacklight companion to yesterday's. This is Rhi, from last year's Halloween party. I hope we get to use the blacklight for this year's party, although I kind of doubt there will be any decorating going on this time - I think people just want to put on costumes, eat & get drunk this time around. I think I must have been the only one who actually enjoyed the party last year.

I had to go & pick Rhi up from her off-campus class a few minutes ago & take her back to the school. The bus never showed up to get her, or it came early & no one bothered to tell her or something. Sean would have taken her back, but he had to go to Burger King to talk to them about a job they offered him & he didn't want her to miss eating lunch. It was no big deal, but I really hate driving at the high school at lunch time. Some of those kids are so rude, they just stare at you & then walk right out in front of your car, laughing. That, and teenaged drivers are pretty scary enmass when you think about it.

Rhi's been trying to get a job, so she can help pay for her scooter & pay her fines (from some trouble she got in last Spring), and increase our texting plan to unlimited so she & Sean don't bankrupt us. We figure she'll have one before Erin does, since he won't cut or comb his hair & is trying to get a job in fast food & she keeps herself clean & dresses nicely.

Anyhow, I don't have much going on today, its a pretty typical Thursday - especially the day before payday - we're just sitting around, trying to get a few things done before tomorrow & we're super busy.

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