Friday, January 15, 2010

Maybe Moving

We may be moving. Soon. Like in a couple of weeks, hopefully. We went & looked at a cute little house yesterday and we'll be calling & trying to learn more about it today. We have to find out if they'll let us have Tiny & Kaji before we can even think about doing anything else, because if not, we aren't interested. Even if we don't get this place, I'll be keeping my eyes open for another one, we can't stay here much longer.

I haven't felt truly safe here for a couple of years & it drives me crazy that neither of the kids can hold onto a house key to save their lives, so I have to leave the front door unlocked until they get home at night, which leaves my sleeping self vulnerable. I don't sleep well when Troy isn't home because of that. I just want to live in a real house, with a yard that's bigger than a postage stamp. And where I don't have to listen to everyone in the neighborhood rev their engines, and argue and talk. It's like having people in the house, nonstop. They stand in front of my house to talk & I can hear every word, so I know they can hear us, too. I juts want security & privacy. I'm so ready for a change, even though I dread the thought of moving.

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