Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sunday we did go over to Dawn's. Jason was gone, but Troy, Dawn, Justin & I had a blast. We had dinner (Morningstar Farms Riblet sandwiches & salad) and then went down & played Medieval Games on their Wii for hours! It was so fun & we all laughed so hard, Troy & I didn't get home until almost 2am. Dawn is convinced that she needs to buy the game now, too, and I agree, it was certainly worth the money we spent on it.

Erin got sick on Sunday, but he wasn't home at the time, so it's definitely out of the house finally. Rhi is still throwing up pretty much everyday, so we don't know what's up with her, whether she's pregnant or just sick with something else or what.

Erin is still here, but plans to hit the road again as soon as he can get a ride out of Utah & to Nevada, where he stands a better chance of getting a ride to where ever he's headed next. He said he may go back to California, since he has a friend that lives there, so, we'll see. He doesn't seem all that keen on leaving right now, at any rate.

I haven't found an anti-wrinkle cream I'm satisfied with, yet, but I've been using a serum that seems to be working out okay for me. I'm not allergic to it, at any rate. I'll use it until it's gone & then I'll decide if I want to keep buying it.

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