Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ahhhhhh Saturday...

I love the weekends that Troy has Saturday off, it feels like he has an almost normal schedule then. For those who are new here, he works a rotating schedule, switching between days & nights. One week he works 12 hour shifts from Wednesday-Saturday & the next it'll be Wednesday-Friday. Some weeks he works extra days, sometimes he doesn't, but it rarely feels "normal," at least as far as having Saturday & Sunday as his weekend. Having a full weekend when the rest of our friends do is always a bonus.

I'm not sure we'll even do anything with our friends tonight, it depends on how energetic we're feeling. We've both been pretty tired after being sick earlier in the week & I haven't been sleeping all that great. I think we probably will, considering that Ryan just came by & we're having a pretty great time visiting with him & Troy seems to be more energetic now that he's had a nap.

I want to go to Walmart & look at blouses, since I really don't have anything nice to wear when I need to. I'm not after anything that looks like a tuxedo shirt or anything, just something kind of dressy & nicer than a t-shirt. I'm not a fussy type person, I just want to look right in whatever situation I'm in.

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