Sunday, January 10, 2010


We never did do anything yesterday, we pretty much lazed around the house until 8:30 or 9, at which point, I brought out the Wii Fit Plus, got it set up & we used that for awhile, then we bowled a game on Wii Sports & went to bed. It was a pretty long & busy day for both of us, after all & we were really tired. I did make a nice Bosc pear tart, just kind of spontaneously, which turned out quite nicely & we had a bit of company, so we weren't total hermits or anything.

This afternoon we'll go over to Dawn & Jason's & hang out, maybe play Wii or something else, but we will spend time, be sociable and have fun, we do love & miss our friends, after all. I want to spend a little time planning my birthday party with Dawn, too, since I'm really looking forward to it & just want everyone to have a great time together. I think I'll make my Thai Chicken Wings, since I've been promising them to Ryan forever and have finally found my recipe again. I just wish that everyone that I want to be there could, but I now they won't be, it's on a Saturday night & they aren't going to give up Tuatha or anything for a birthday party, after all.

At least when you're Pagan you never get First communion invitations and then have to try to figure what to wear & what to give as a gift, you know? I did end up going to church on Christmas Eve with my parents, because it was important to my mom. It was a nice evening & it made mom happy, so it was worth it.

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