Friday, October 02, 2009


Troy has been with the same company for 14 years now. For all of those years, our insurance didn't cost us anything, the company provided it for all of us. I realize how fortunate that made us, but we did start taking it for granted, which we never should have done. We found out a few weeks ago, that starting January 1, we will have to start paying for me to be insured. I was ready to just go without & start looking for some cheap health insurance on my own, but Troy talked me out of it. I haven't been to see a medical doctor for years, but you know, as soon as I gave my insurance up, I'd need to be hospitalized or something & we'd end up going bankrupt again.

I'm not happy with it, but I'm thankful that they still pay for Troy's and that we aren't insuring children anymore, you know? I doubt we'd be able to afford that, although we'd do it, we would have to start deciding what to give up, and honestly, almost everything we have right now is there for a reason, other than entertainment or something like that. We're just lucky that Troy still has his job & we aren't in stress mode right now, so I'll take that & not gripe about the rest.

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