Thursday, October 15, 2009


I did finally get my laptop upgraded the other day, but I installed Windows 7 to the wrong drive because I misunderstood the little prompt in the installation, so Troy & I had to sit around half the day yesterday and try to figure out where I went wrong & how to fix it, which we did. So, everything is running and I really love this new version. I have to say that I think this is the best one I've used in recent years.

So, we're all updated and "modern" with my laptop, we're both getting gadgets for Christmas, we got a nice, big flat screen TV last winter & use the newest gaming technology we can afford, all we need now is to get rid of this 70s & 90s furniture and get some nice modern furniture, although I'm pretty sure the fur-kids would have anything nice we bought looking bad in short order.

We're having phone issues with Rhi again, so Troy has taken her down to get his old one activated for her. Hopefully, this will last longer than the one she just had. I can't take the stress after she loses one.

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