Friday, October 02, 2009

The Bell Rings Blue

I'm sitting here listening to streaming audio of a high school football game. The game is being played in Pueblo, Colorado, at Dutch Clark Stadium. It's the oldest high school rivalry west of the Mississippi, and this is the 109th game. It's called the Bell Game & is played between Pueblo Central (Go Big Blue!!!) and Pueblo Centennial. Obviously, I went to Central and still love my high school and all of that. My team made the first touchdown with the kickoff & I swear, if this game is that exciting all night, I'll need a portable AED machine, just to make it through the game.

I think the most fun is that I'm sharing the game with many of my old classmates on Facebook. Some of us are still in Pueblo, many of us are scattered around the country, but even so, those of us who aren't at the game are either listening to the streaming audio, the radio or checking the score where ever we can. I'm as excited as I ever was in high school over this game & that's a fantastic feeling!

I'm not looking forward to having to drive Rhi to her friend's birthday party in a little while, trust me. I was thinking about taking my laptop with me, but then I realized that I'd lose my connection. I'll just go as quickly as I can & get back. It's agony not being there!

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