Friday, October 02, 2009

On the Rollercoaster Again?

I'm pretty sure that Rhi has either lost her job & isn't telling me, or is slacking off of her job & is lying to me about it. She hasn't worked in over a week & was supposedly going in tonight, but she just came home & said that she was getting started on loading the dishwasher & there was a big boom & smoke started pouring out from behind the dishwasher & she got sent home because of the danger or something. I know knowing about this sort of thing, but it did sound believable. She had new work shirts that she picked up the other day, with the new restaurant name on them and I desperately want to believe in her & think she's telling me the truth. I don't want to think she's messing around with her job again. They're just too hard to come by right now, especially in a small town, and she knows that, it took her almost a year to get this one, after all. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't want to be on the rollercoaster off emotions again, when I find out I've been lied to, I just want what she's telling me to be the truth.

Well, onto less worrisome things, I guess. This morning, I did something I never have before. I made freezer jam with strawberries, peaches & mangoes. I know, it's not rocket science or medical equipment repair, but it was something I was hesitant to try doing, because I'm so unsure of myself when it comes to anything to do with canning or preserving. I'm excited to try making some more, because even though this is really good, I know I didn't get the pieces small enough, because I had to chop them up. I didn't own a potato masher to use on it, so I went & bought one this afternoon & think I'll make some mixed berry next (if I can find some more freezer jam pectin). Maybe one day I'll feel like trying to make the cooked version!

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