Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Apparently, I need to have Troy sit down with me & walk me through formatting my laptop & upgrading my OS, because I got started and couldn't even get anything done. I don't know how to boot from disc or change my partition sizes, and I can't upgrade to Windows 7 until I can do that. It's very frustrating and now I can't do anything until tonight, because Troy is at work today.

I'm thankful he's at work, trust me. Yesterday was a trying and somewhat scary day, since we found out that his employer had started lay-offs. He's safe for the time being, but if they decide to cut the security force in half, he'll be out of luck & our only real hope will be if they pay out his vacation & sick leave. I know if they offer to buy out his retirement, he'll take that offer & we'll be able to pay off our debt and live on his unemployment until we can both find something.

If need be, I guess we'll relocate. We'll have to go where ever the work is, even if that means we'll have to look into long distance movers, since we don't have a truck of our own to move very far. I don't want to leave my home again, but I know it's a very real possibility and have accepted it & many other things that we'll have to do or sacrifice to survive. The important things is that we will survive & we'll be okay. We've known this would very likely happen and have a plan if he is laid off. We're both at peace with either eventuality.

Now, if I could just get my laptop upgraded!

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