Saturday, March 22, 2008


This city sure has grown in the past 15 years. When we first moved here, there were only 3 traffic lights in the whole town. I can't even count them now & they're putting up two more on north Main starting this coming Monday. Back then, there were stores and businesses only on Main Street, now there is commercial real estate all over town. We have a pretty big industrial park, a new airport terminal, a lot more stores and restaurants and even a new park since we moved here.

They seem to be building apartments and subdivisions almost nonstop anymore and I always catch myself wondering how all of these people moving here are going to support themselves before I realize how much new industry we really have here. There are factories and such here that I don't even know about, I'm sure, because I'm finding out about places all the time. It's kind of cool to move to a town that was somewhat economically depressed and watch it grow and flourish over the years instead of dying.

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