Saturday, March 08, 2008

What Next?

Erin dropped by yesterday, he needed his birth certificate so he could replace the ID he lost in Nevada last fall. Apparently, the friend he's living with is moving out & the rest of his room mates are getting a bigger apartment in the same area. Erin wasn't paying rent, and so, of course, he isn't included in any of these plans.

He was actually looking for a job so that he & 3 other friends could get an apartment together. He looked better than I've seen him lately, but he did smell like beer & it was fairly early in the day, so I hope that he didn't make a terrible impression when he did go into places.

Troy & I went to rent some movies later on, after he brought his BC back & he called me asking if I'd be willing to go to the liquor store for them. I told him no immediately & he sounded like he expected it and wasn't mad. Sheesh, I remember when all he wanted was a Swiss Army knife and not for me to break the law for him. I'll be so happy when all of my kids get their lives together & I can take a break from the worrying.

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