Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too Many Movies

I was looking for a VHS tape that I told Dawn she could have if we still owned it yesterday. We have so many movies anymore that I often have no idea what we even own. I forgot about all of the VHS stuff we have in the bottom of the entertainment center. I sat there, going through things, reminiscing about when the kids were little & what movies they loved back then. It was a bittersweet experience, remembering them when they so young and we were all so close. I miss those days sometimes, mostly, I miss my kids.

Anyway, enough being sad. I never did find the tape she wanted, but I did find a yoga dvd I had forgotten about that she might want to try out.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Dyane, what movie did she want, maybe we have it! lol

Hope all is well!