Friday, March 21, 2008


I was thinking back to the spring that we moved to Utah and were living with my parents while we got on our feet here. My folks live on a 5 acre lot outside of town. The kids used to love to wander around in the sagebrush and investigate the world around them. Erin wasn't quite 5 yet & Rhi had just turned 3. She was fascinated by so many odd things that she found out in the yard and would spend hours just checking it all out. Erin saw snakes in everything, from a hose to a stick, he would shriek and run away, yelling about the "big snake over there!!" He never saw a real snake during those weeks, but he imagined plenty.

One of their other favorite things to do was to bounce on my mom's mini trampoline that she kept out on the front lawn, which was tiny, itself those days. They would see who could knock the other one off & who could bounce higher. Rhi was always flying when she was on it & Erin was always Batman. It was pretty cute, and they had a lot of fun on it. I can't believe that on May 11 we'll have been here for 15 years, the time went by so fast.

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