Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Living Arrangements

As Rhi gets closer to the age I was when I moved out the first time, I tend to do a lot of reminiscing about the first places I lived without my parents & wonder what her first place will be like. (Erin's first place was the basement of a house we had lived in as a family) I got married about a month after I turned 18 & we lived in a tiny, one bedroom house that his parents used as a rental property until he turned 18 or so & was living in it, right after he finished high school. The bedroom had no heat & I was used to sleeping with the door shut, so we spent quite a few cold nights in there before we decided to switch the rooms around our second winter in it.

I lived in a few places with my second husband. We were actually buying a place around the time Garrett was born, but we lost it when he lost his job & we moved back to Pueblo. We moved into a place with his sister & stayed there after she moved out. That's one of the places I remember the best, not because we lived there for so long, but it just seems that a lot happened while we were there. Garrett was a baby, so most of his firsts happened there. It was a dump & I was a terrible housewife, but it had a front yard & a porch to sit on. The back yard had a couple of Ron's weight benches in it, and he'd go out there in the shade & lift.

Troy & I have had a lot of homes, and we've made each of them happy places to live in & for some reason I don't look at those as being the same as the others, probably because, in spite of being married before him, I was never in a truly adult relationship before we got together. Those are our "grown-up" homes, I guess.

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