Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year!

My NYE was pretty low-key, even though I went to, what was supposed to be, a party. The guys in our group pretty much sat around & played Guild Wars all night, Dawn talked on the phone with a friend of hers from Salt Lake and Vicki snuggled with me because her hubby was too grumpy & involved with GW to snuggle her & Troy was at work. It was ok, but I think I'd have had more fun staying at home.

Rhi & I had a huge fight the other night, but hopefully some things have been ironed out between us & she has a better understanding of who I am & how I feel now. I have no idea where she gets some of the ideas she has, truthfully. She gets so wrapped up into the injustice of her life that she makes things up & then in her mind, that's reality. She told Erin a different version of a tiny incident & it was so twisted that I wasn't even sure what he was talking about. At any rate, we talked, argued & cried (at least I did) until about 2am on the 31st, so I'm hoping its all good now.

Erin got hired at Taco Time on Friday, he starts work in about 45 minutes. It'll be good for him to be working again, I think he'll feel a lot better about himself if he has a job & a little money again. Rhi finished her training & is on her normal work schedule now. She seems to like it quite a bit. Also, Sean broke up with her again on the 30th. I really hope she's finished giving him chances at this point. School is back in session starting today, but its a lot easier to get up when she isn't working until midnight.

The Christmas tree and such are still up. We can't get into our storage unit yet, there's still too much snow in front of it. I'd really like to get it taken down & get my living room back to normal.

That's about all that's going on right now.

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