Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Business as Usual

I swear I'm an airhead today. I forget what I'm trying to say so easily these days :( I think its a direct reflection of the cold medicine I seem to live on during my waking hours.

Rhi paid for 6 months of car insurance for herself on our vehicles on her last payday, and that has freed me up so much that I can't believe it. Its nice to have her run & pick Erin up from work, or drive herself to school, her job and social stuff without having to schedule my whole life around what time she needs to be somewhere. I think eventually I'll stop worrying every time she leaves here, but its going to be awhile. She & Rane are still going out, he seems to be very sweet with her & walks her to the car after school, calls her to tell her to have a good day at work, calls her when she gets home & seems to want to spend time with her. She isn't really sure about the whole & waivers back & forth, so who knows?

Erin & Alisha are back to fighting almost constantly again. She also applied at the restaurant he works at, and has an interview. That's never good. When they spend too much time together they start nitpicking each other, and trying to make each other jealous. We all went to Walmart the other night & Erin kept trying to make her jealous & she kept running away like a toddler, it was embarrassing. I finally just told them we were leaving.

Garrett is working on a movie & has a trailer out somewhere. He & a friend keep saying they're coming out here in March, but I'll wait until I hear him knocking on the door to believe that one.

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