Friday, January 19, 2007

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from October 3, 2007 on.

I, Dyane McSpadden, am occasionally paid to insert contextual links into my normal, everyday posts. Sometimes you'll be able to figure out which ones I'm paid for and sometimes you won't. That's the idea. They aren't there to be blatant, or discourage you from reading my blog, I try very hard to be discrete in my insertions of those links and make them blend into my own writing style.

I also, on occasion, receive money to review products or services. I also receive these products and services for free, so that I may give an honest review of said items. I will always be honest in my reviews of these items, and sometimes, I'll review products that I've purchased just because I want to share them with you, or offer my opinion on something that didn't work out for us. I will not compromise my integrity by lying about any of these items regardless of whether there is payment involved. I will never post a review on an item or service I have not personally used.

I am very rarely paid to offer my opinion on a product or website for which I have not received an actual item or service. I will only offer an opinion on what I can see by viewing that website and state thus. That opinion will be honest and straighforward, regardless of any payment I receive.

You might ask why I do these things in return for payment & the answer is very simple. I'm a high school drop out with no marketable skills other than my writing. I wish to add to my family's income and help relieve the burden that my husband has carried for so long, alone. I would rather stay at home, and be here when he is (and he works odd days and hours) than go out and flip burgers for a living, so I do this.

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please direct them to

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