Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Finally Payday

Troy's check was finally deposited on Monday & the bills are all paid & everything is taken care of. We ended up having to buy food & gas with one of our credit cards, and had a hell of a time doing it. First, we ended up with Benedryl girl as our checker - it took her at least 30 minutes to check us out, when that was finally over the card we were using was declined. Twice. After checking that morning to make sure it wasn't maxed. So, we went out of the store & to the car, Troy called the issuing bank & found out they had declined it because it was an unusual purchase for us & they needed to make sure the card wasn't stolen (I wouldn't have been angry, but they did the same thing in November when we ordered something from Amazon for Christmas). So Troy & Erin went back in, hoping our food hadn't been put back. It was at Customer Service & had to be rescanned, which only took 10 minutes with people who weren't drugged up.

I dropped Troy & Erin off at home & ran to get Rhi, pick up Alisha & go to the bank to cash Rhi's check (the groceries were still in the car at this point) & then there was only time for Rhi to pick up her work stuff & be dropped off there. So, we were finally putting groceries away at 3:30. We're usually done by noon. It was a stressful, long day & all I really wanted to do was put my pjs on & stay home, but of course, it was Friday night, and Rhi wanted to buy a sugar glider from a work friend & we needed to find the house (we never did & she changed her mind), then we went to Dawn's house. Later in the night, Rhi wanted me to come & get her & go to Walmart, so I drug Dawn & Morgan with us & we didn't get out of there until 11:30 or so. I was sooooo tired when we finally got home.

Saturday seemed like non-stop Mom-taxi from 9:40 on. I took Rhi to work, came home, woke up Erin, took him to work, came home, at breakfast, picked up Cherokee & took her home, picked up Erin & brought him home.. then I was able to relax until it was time to pick Rhi up, but man.. that was crazy for awhile.

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