Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Falling on Cedar.

We have another 6-12 inches of snow forecast for the next 24 hours or so. I live in a place where we don't usually get 12 inches if snow in an entire winter. We've had 2 storms that have dumped in excess of 12, and one that dumped about 8 since early October. Now another storm, a week after the last one. I'm soooooooo freakin' tired of snow already. I almost cried when I saw the forecast earlier in the week. We just barely got my car 100% dug out from the last time.

Other than that, things are going.. umm... normally.

Typical drama with Rhi, she's pissed off at me because I won't let her quit her job without taking care of her responsibilities first & I won't put her on our car insurance until I'm convinced she's going to keep her job, because she will have to put her own gas in. Griping because we bought her a scooter & not a car. Complaining that we don't understand her & the horrible life she's had.. you know.. the usual stuff.

Erin hasn't been getting very many hours at work & he's starting to get really frustrated. Alisha insists that they'll be able to get a job at one of the local nursing homes, but neither of them really have any qualifications for the job. Erin knows this & tried to tell her, but she made him go with her to apply anyway. I guess if it makes her feel better its ok.

Still having drama with Rhi's ex that broke up with her the week of Homecoming, but we're trying to deal with it. His birthday was last Saturday & Rhi & her friends wanted to tell him "Hi & Happy Birthday" on Sunday evening & I guess his whole family over-reacted to hearing the f-word (Rhi was on her phone & used it to another friend), spazzed out & thought they were throwing things at them & chased the car down, started screaming at them & threatening them. It was pretty psycho. They're a very angry & paranoid family & I'm glad they're not together anymore, because Rhi doesn't need someone helping her feed her anger.

That's pretty much it around here. How are all of you? What are you doing this weekend? Care to de-lurk for De-lurking week?

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