Friday, January 26, 2007

Getting Ready for Faire

We had our first faire meeting yesterday. It was nice to know we were getting a nice, early start this year, considering that, in years past, we haven't had our first official meeting until the week of Faire, especially when lives have been very hectic. We are working on deciding which vendors can come back, finding new and exciting entertainment (its our 25th year), and coming up with plausible fund-raising so that we can afford to do everything we want to.

We're going to have 4-color shirts made this year, with a new logo, which I think will be pretty exciting. These will be the shirts we sell at the information booth, and we're putting together a package for businesses who donate money, so they'll receive a certain number of shirts as a bonus to the donation. Our giveaway shirts are going to have a new back logo, with the 25th year thing & going on a colored shirt with different ink instead of the cream shirt with the brown ink.

I'm really excited to see what else we come up with this year!!

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