Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Be a Pro!

Erin's new band is in a Battle of the Bands competition tomorrow night. His band is one of the few punk bands in this area. So, why in the world did the lead singer choose to do "Stand By Me," as written & as poorly as possible? They had originally (the singer & drummer) planned to stage a fake fight in the middle of the song, too. (its already been done by them once, in the middle of an interview type thing on the radio & yes, it was stupid) I guess his justification is that because they aren't going to win anyway, they may as well be the worst band there. What an immature little twit. Erin is determined that the band sound good & act professional, so hopefully he'll win this little battle.

Its snowing again today, on & off. I hope we don't get the huge amounts that we got in the weeks following Christmas, we just can't take that much again. Rhi has the car today, I hope she does ok in the snow. She should, its not icy out there or anything.

Well, I need to get started on my menu plan for the next couple of weeks & start getting my grocery list together.

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