Monday, January 15, 2007


Can I just say that I'm tired of being cold? Its 11am & its still below zero. It rarely EVER gets below zero here and its been this way for days. We have mountains of snow all over the sides of the roads & in parking lots, where the plows have moved it all to & sub-zero temperatures, we may as well be in the north somewhere.

Well, enough griping. It won't make it any warmer, I guess.

Rhi's out of school for the holiday, but she has to work this evening. I'm sure she'll be griping & complaining about it, because she really hates Mondays, but it doesn't change the fact that she's scheduled to work & needs to. Erin also works tonights - he got switched to nights just recently, so hopefully he'll be getting more hours soon.

So, healthwise, I signed up at The Biggest Loser Club on the 4th & I'm doing really well, they give you daily meal plans & recipes & such, and you can switch out anything you don't like for similar items (like a protein for another one & so on). When you read over the plan basics its pretty clear & easy to follow. There are so many people on the message boards that nit-pick everything about the plan to pieces, they don't understand, or they want to add their own food & can't. Some of them have never read a menu-type food plan in their lives, because they assume that any duplications in a meal have to be a mistake & don't eat them. Then there are the people who have no clue that they can eat a lot more food for the calories if they're eating healthier, they complain that there's "too much" food to eat in a day, or that they can't eat six "meals" a day (its 3 meals & 3 snacks), but they could eat 2 Big Macs & a Super-size fry. I just honestly believe that a lot of them aren't ready to commit to what it takes to be serious about weight loss, they think they'll sign up & miraculously lose all of their extra pounds, some of them sign up for more than one program! Then they screw up, eat a full order of ribs & all of the sides & find some outside source to blame it all on and turn around the next day & do the same thing. Its painful to watch, because you know these people aren't going to last on the plan.

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Karen said...

I am SO proud of you! Hooray!!

I'm tired of the freezing temps too and want some snow so it will warm up again. No chance of that this week though. Stay warm!! *HUGS*