Saturday, February 14, 2009

Updated Layout

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, I hope your day is as sweet as you wish it to be. I don't imagine we'll do a lot of celebrating today, Troy worked last night & is sleeping now & he works again tonight. I don't cook on the weekends & have no plans to start today. I used to be a big fan of this holiday, I'd make a big deal out of Troy & the kids & make sure they each had a sweet little gift from me.

Troy & Erin really didn't care one way or the other & Rhi always made me feel like an idiot for even bothering, because she always claimed to hate the holiday so much. She'd go on & on about what a stupid holiday it was & ridiculous to have an entire day devoted to celebrating romance. Of course, that was because she had no one to celebrate it with & couldn't even begin to understand why a parent would get anything for their children, because "you're not in love with us!" So, this year, I didn't get anything for anyone. I'm almost certain that she'll come over at some point today, hoping that I got something for her & when she sees that I didn't, she'll act like that wasn't why she was here at all.

She'll pretend that she just wanted to spend time with me & then she'll start gossiping about all of these girls that I don't know that she thinks are either too ugly, too stupid, need to take weight loss pills or need to start eating. She'll call them all sluts for acting the same way she does & dressing in the same styles she wears & after about 15 minutes I'll be so tired of it I'll start trying to change the subject. I'm just hoping she'll be so busy with her boyfriend that she doesn't come over. I'd like a quiet day for a change.

Anyway, I changed the layout, since I'm tired of the hearts & I like St. Paddy's Day better anyway. I hope it's easy enough to read & there are no problem with the display for anyone.

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