Friday, February 20, 2009

Hate It!

I really hate when I'm craving something that I can only get at a restaurant & I'm all alone. I don't like to go out to eat by myself, and the place that has what I want doesn't have any vegetarian options, so I can't take Erin. I could take Rhi, but I don't want to get back into that with her, she expects too much from us, already. Ah well, I guess I'll do without & hope that maybe Troy will want to go tomorrow. I know that nothing else I have today will satisfy me, though. Has that ever happened to you? If so, what did you do?

I guess Erin is getting ready to go to Colorado in May to work for the summer. He has a job & a place to live waiting for him. I'm okay with him going, he has fines that need paying off & needs a fresh start in his life, honestly. I think it's great that he started looking for things he could be trained to do or already knew how to do, instead of thinking that he qualifies for the jobs in programming that my daughter keeps applying for & isn't qualified to do. If she reads this, I'll get accused of favoring him, again, but I'm at the point where the accusations don't really bother me that much.

Well, I have dishes in the sink, I guess I ought to wash them.

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