Thursday, February 26, 2009

If Wishes Were Fishes..

I's have so many cool things in my house, I swear. I was wandering around the store the other, just looking at all of the pretty deco items, like shelves, candles and art pieces, wishing I was better at decorating & putting things together in groupings, so that I could have a pretty home. After that I checked out all of the nifty little appliances that I have no room for in my kitchen, wishing I had more counter space & better cabinets, and more time & energy to cook wonderful things made with all of the cool "toys."

I looked at the towels & bathroom sets, wishing that I didn't hate my bathroom, that it was bigger & better designed, so that I actually cared about what it looks like & wanted to put nice towels & rugs in there, as it is I spend as little time as possible in there. I do need to get new towels for the bathroom & kitchen, though, so I'll try to take care of part of that this weekend some time.

I made my way to the furniture & that was when the wishing really started. There were so many beautiful couches, loveseats & chairs that were perfect for me, and one coffee table that I really, really wanted. It was dark wood, flat black metal & a stone top, in dark, mossy greens. It was so pretty. The rest of the furniture was done in deep, soft browns, in a variety of styles & fabrics. There was a dining table that I fell in love with, that was made of planks & had a padded bench & matching chairs. Troy liked one that had a tile top more than the plank table, but the fact of the matter is, we have no room for a bigger table in here, and no need for one, either. It's not like we'll ever be having big, family meals here.

I did manage to find the desk I want when I'm able to get office together (if I'm ever able to) & it was not only beautiful, but affordable too. It was a dark reddish wood, cream colored metal & green, frosted glass. It's perfect for me, not huge, but not tiny either. I did wish we had waited to buy our TV stand, because they had some nicer ones for around the same price we paid, and even had one with matching audio racks, so that way, we could have kept our stereo.

I always promised myself that we would get better furniture when the kids were grown, but we still have never really bought any. People give us their furniture when they get new stuff (many times, they get given something, too), and we bought a futon once, but other than that, we really have never had anything new. Maybe someday we will, and I already know where I'm buying it!

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